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Obviously, if you are posting on the site, you’ve given us permission to publish it. It’s kinda the point of the site. And by doing so, you also give us the right to further distribute that content in our affiliated outlets, like our Facebook page, email, etc. If you’ve got something worth reading, we’ll try and get more people to read it. Again, that’s kinda the point of the site.

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If you defame someone, it’s your ass on the line. Don’t.

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Generally speaking, if you screw up and suffer harm from any violation of these Terms and Conditions, it’s your problem, not ours. We aren’t liable. However, at our discretion, we reserve the right to engage in the legal defense of any attacks on our community’s First Amendment rights or other such critical issues.

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If it’s not under a Omar for Aurora Media-owned site, it’s not our responsibility or problem. And linking to a site doesn’t change that pretty obvious fact.

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Reiterating what’s been said before in plain English, but this time in legalese to make our lawyer happy:

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